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With Umbrella, you can forget about tech woes and frustrating slowdowns and get down to business. We develop stable, powerful, and productive infrastructure. Plus, we take a smart and holistic approach to IT so your technology can keep pace with your business and protect you from threats.

At Umbrella, we believe in the strength of collaboration. We are proud to work together with partners who share our corporate culture based on technological innovation and superior customer experience. By pooling our mutual expertise, we assure you that your IT will increase your security, productivity, and competitiveness.


Acquisition d'une participation majoritaire de Résotel

Umbrella Technologies Inc., spécialisé dans les services d’administration de systèmes et réseaux ainsi que dans le soutien technologique aux entreprises, annonce aujourd’hui l’acquisition d’une participation majoritaire de Résotel, un leader dans les domaines de la télécommunication et du câblage structuré depuis plus de 35 ans. Cette transaction s’inscrit dans la vision…