Our approach is tailored
to your objectives

Umbrella takes a five-step approach that’s tailored to the client’s technological objectives. These five steps form an iterative cycle that helps clients maintain a productive and safe environment while their tech systems are constantly evolving.


Assess your needs


Analyze the current situation


Correct pain points


Improve performance


Maintain performance


See the tech options available to you

Leveraging the most advanced technologies is one of our core values. Our best practices are based on constant learning and improvement. Maintaining top-level expertise helps us optimize your tech solutions based on your needs and risk tolerance.


Take a long-term view while optimizing your day-to-day

We take a broad vision of your company’s technological development that’s based on a solid business relationship and constructive dialogue about your organization’s present and future. That’s how we align with your organization’s strategic vision.


Find the best solution, not the easy way out

Technology evolves and so does your business. Matching hardware and software with your needs requires constant vigilance. Our practices involve designing flexible infrastructure, including IT solutions tailored to your needs for increased agility.


Identifying problems and threats in advance

Our security practices include predictive, preventive, and corrective measures. Continuous monitoring allows us to measure the performance of your infrastructure in real time based on precise indicators. All interventions are recorded to ensure complete transparency.


Putting people before technology

We develop close relationships with our clients. Each one has a dedicated team. Our advanced technical support system means we can step in quickly, onsite or remotely. Plus, we implement a rapid response protocol to give you peace of mind.

At Umbrella, we foster a culture of excellence where impeccable work is valued and half measures just don’t cut it. Our best business practices are a product of our culture.