Our team

With Umbrella, you join forces with a team of specialists that have pinpoint expertise.

Management team

Pier-Paul Lévesque

Pier-Paul cut his teeth on IT at a young age and has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years. Ever since the Internet became commercialized, he has been interested in the opportunities information networks can open up for businesses. His passion for and approach to technology make him an excellent business manager and help him give SMEs access to powerful technologies.

Jean-Frédéric Jean

Jean-Frédéric is an entrepreneur with a passion for systems design. His experience with and grasp of the various components of information systems make him an outstanding system administrator and project manager. His in-depth knowledge of the field gives him the ability to discern the needs of organizations and put together custom solutions.

Yves Proteau

Yves has been a business consultant for over 25 years. His insight and experience have been instrumental in Umbrella’s highly effective, cutting-edge approach.

IT team

System administrators

System administrators design and improve infrastructures. They anticipate, build, and assess the performance of IT system components. They can fix the most stubborn problems and get answers to the toughest questions. They also:

  • Head up technology migration projects.
  • Plan integration and perform advanced design.
  • Monitor quality.
  • Facilitate effective management of IT equipment involving 15 or more workstations
  • Identify the technology needs of organizations to drive business activities

Network administrators

Network administrators ensure IT system components function properly and make sure systems run smoothly on a day-to-day basis. They identify user problems and make corrections fast. They also:

  • Configure complex networks
  • Connect system components
  • Follow instructions from the system administrator

Network technicians

Network technicians are the contact points for all support requests. They fix known problems, tell you about methods of use, and help you learn more about the systems you use on a day-to-day basis.

  • User support
  • Quick response

Company philosophy

Umbrella adopts and leverages the best technologies to achieve top-level performance and get systems running at maximum capacity. The company stands out for its management practices, professionalism, customer service, and commitment to continuous improvement and the relationship it fosters between customers and their information technology.