Make a logical technology upgrade plan

Umbrella’s progressive IT plans allow you to anticipate changing needs and plan incremental technology upgrades.


Being left behind is not an option

Staying up to date on the latest technological developments is a responsibility, and it’s part of your vision. That’s because you’re well aware that technology has a direct impact on your team’s productivity and your bottom line. Team up with the experts at Umbrella—we share the same vision. Transform technology from a stumbling block to a launch pad.

Sync up your technological development with your growth rate

Mitigate the impacts of technological changes

Avoid downtime caused by outdated equipment and infrastructure


We take the guesswork out of
technology spending

You keep a close eye on the numbers, and few things are more difficult to predict than technology investments. Just like comparing tech options is tricky without the necessary expertise. We bring experience to the table so you can plan your growth in the short and medium term. We foster sound growth based on your financial resources so you’ll never get taken by surprise.

Take the guesswork out of technology spending

Pin down your infrastructure within the full range of tech options

Sort out your options for future tech investments

Our services

We work with our clients to develop structured and progressive IT plans. Your plan is comprehensive and made to measure. And we make sure it aligns with your company’s strategic vision.

9 services


  1. Detailed analysis of existing infrastructure
  2. Reliability assessment of on-site and cloud infrastructure
  3. Assessment of system stability and weak points
  4. Risk assessment
  5. IT contingency plan
  6. Identification and prioritization of needs based on your strategic plan
  7. Clarification of development objectives
  8. Cost planning based on your budget
  9. Phased intervention plan

At Umbrella, we believe in the strength of collaboration. We are proud to work together with partners who share our corporate culture based on technological innovation and superior customer experience. By pooling our mutual expertise, we assure you that your IT will increase your security, productivity, and competitiveness.